The frequent calls to engage teams ring hollow in most organizations because the central tools of empowerment (voice and vote) do not exist. By providing employees with a feedback platform to power decisions, action, and growth, HuddleUp leverages team wisdom, facilitates learning and inspires progress as teams discover the joy and deep satisfaction of pulling together to enrich the lives of customers and colleagues.


Beginning with his earliest articles and books on loyalty, Fred Reichheld recognized that employee engagement is both a cause and effect of customer loyalty, and treated customer and employee loyalty as two sides of the same coin. By the time he invented the Net Promoter® Score and System (NPS), it was clear that only an integrated approach could drive real progress. Customers can tell you the symptoms of what’s wrong, but only employees can figure out the root cause and how to fix it. So leaders must find ways to energize and inspire these employees to embrace the effort and risk involved in going the extra mile to discover innovative solutions that can delight more customers profitably. As the open-source NPS community evolved over the past decade, myriad tools, solutions and services emerged to advance measuring and managing the customer side of the loyalty equation, but precious little progress has emerged on the employee side - witness the preponderance of employees who still feel disengaged at work.

So Fred decided to take matters in his own hands. He carefully studied the proven team management methods at loyalty superstars such as Bain & Company, Apple Retail, Intuit, Rackspace and others, and encapsulated these techniques into an economical and easy-to-use cloud-based application. How do you energize teams to innovate and delight customers profitably? Now there is an app for that.

The Product

Combining the simplicity of an online survey tool, the candor-inducing confidentiality of a secret ballot, and the real-time reporting, data storage and automated analytics of the cloud, HuddleUp simply and quickly captures the voice of each employee and sparks the conversations on both the team and the company level to turn ideas into progress. Our team-based architecture encourages responsible, reliable and constructive feedback focused on improving team performance (harnessing the power of social media—but in a controlled manner effective for managing organizational change and progress).

The feedback is collected via SPARQs – Short Polls Asking the Right Questions. These are not the standard surveys employees have come to dread. In fact, the founding name for HuddleUp was originally VoteTru; while employee surveys may be interesting, votes have consequences. This voting functionality remains core to our HuddleUp solution.

HuddleUp Credo

We believe:

  • Innovating ways to delight customers profitably should be the primary goal of every organization.
  • When teams work together toward this goal, they have unlimited potential for progress.
  • The ultimate source of employee engagement and inspiration comes from playing a valued role on a winning team (as evidenced by earning lots of 9/10s from customers).
  • In order to energize teams and accelerate progress, organizations need a better system to:
    • Measure and manage progress toward customer delight (balancing for short term financial goals)
    • Identify and prioritize obstacles thwarting progress
    • Spark timely and candid conversations—within teams and across the organization
    • Recognize outstanding contributors to team success
    • Inspire team creativity and facilitate rapid-cycle experiments
    • Engender innovation across the organization on the basis of these experiments

This is why we created HuddleUp.

The Benefits of HuddleUp

Today’s engagement surveys play a useful role—an annual physical exam of team health. But to improve health, teams need to develop training regimens and review progress in daily, weekly and monthly huddles. HuddleUp provides a system that enables teams to get and stay healthy:

  • Convenient app, accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • High response rates (who responds is transparent to teams—but not how they vote)
  • Secret ballot ensures every voice is heard
  • Real-time analysis and reporting
  • Short polls with only the vital few questions (avoids survey fatigue)
  • Best practice sharing and benchmarking
  • Team dynamics and culture become transparent and manageable
  • Right timing/frequency for operational huddles
  • Focus on action, not analysis
  • True anonymity improves communication and candor
  • Team leaders can coach more and manage less.
  • Systematic and unbiased peer recognition
  • Transparent goal and progress tracking

Thank you for your interest in HuddleUp.

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