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Fred Reichheld
Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Loyalty Loyalist

Before founding HuddleUp, Fred founded Bain & Company’s Loyalty Practice, which helps companies achieve results through customer and employee loyalty. He is the creator of the Net Promoter® system of management, continues to be a Bain Fellow, and has authored several best-sellers, including The Loyalty Effect: The Hidden Force Behind Growth, Profits, and Lasting Value (HBSP 1996); Loyalty Rules! How Today's Leaders Build Lasting Relationships (HBSP 2001), and The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth (HBSP, 2006). Fred is a frequent speaker at major business forums and his work on loyalty has been widely covered in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, Fortune, Business Week and The Economist. He is the author of eight Harvard Business Review articles on the subject of loyalty.

In his latest book, The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer Driven World (HBR Press-Sept. 2011), Fred discusses how NPS practitioners including Apple Retail, Philips, Schwab, Allianz, American Express and Intuit have used the Net Promoter System (NPS) to generate extraordinary customer results. He hopes to write his next one on how HuddleUp has helped those same companies (and more) generate extraordinary employee results.

Fred earned his MBA, with honors, from Harvard Business School and a bachelor’s degree, also with honors, from Harvard University.

To learn more about Net Promoter® and Fred Reichheld’s work, please follow his blog on LinkedIn

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Julia Markish
Chief Customer Officer and Purveyor of Smiles

Julia first encountered NPS during her engagements at Bain, as a Consultant. From the start, she was attracted by the principles that were at the foundation of the System – the idea that loyalty is about more than incentives, but rather around how we treat people. The employee side of this equation is what she found most fascinating. For most people, a job is much more than just an activity – we pour ourselves, our ideas and our souls into doing our best. The more our employers, managers and coworkers can support us in our mission, and the more we can have a say in that support, the easier it is for us to perform. The link between the success of a company (which translates into customer delight) and employee engagement / loyalty became a personal passion for Julia.

When Fred started going down the path that ultimately became HuddleUp, Julia was working at Bain, focused on the NPS Loyalty Forum. She became one of Fred’s first collaborators on the idea behind the product. About a year later, after a stint at LinkedIn leading their Talent Brand initiative, Julia joined the HuddleUp team fulltime. She serves as the Chief Customer Officer, ensuring that our product is delivering on our customers’ priority needs and addressing the organizational pain points that stand in the way of team accountability and empowerment.

Julia has her MBA from Stanford University and her BA from Cornell University. She has a strong affinity for languages, yoga, adventure and smiles.

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Goran Skorput
Chief Technology Officer and Straight-Shooter

Goran was introduced to the world-changing ideas surrounding NPS, customer loyalty and team huddles when he met Fred in January of 2013. He quickly realized that his view of teamwork would never be the same, so he jumped on the unique opportunity to be part of the HuddleUp executive team and journey. Goran has been in love with technology ever since his father bought him a Commodore 64 back in 1980, when he had his first brush with coding and computers. After graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb in 1997, Goran moved to Boston and joined Hay Group, a global management consulting firm. He quickly moved through the corporate ranks and became a member of the executive team as Director of Technology, building the technologies that helped the Leadership & Talent practice grow ten-fold within the span of two years. He has more than 15 years of experience managing all aspects of IT, software development and technical teams. He enjoys tinkering with and reading about all things related to technology with special interest in surveys, databases and data analytics. Goran is also very interested in brain science, team dynamics and psychology of groups.

Addicted to high speeds, Goran loves anything that accelerates and goes fast: road bikes, mountain bikes, skis, cars... You are welcome to join him in any one of the New England road races, Eastern Fat Tire mountain bike races or Ironman competitions that he constantly finds himself competing in.

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Larissa Pommeraud
Chief Operating Officer, Europe-Middle East-Africa, and Vanquisher of Boundaries

Larissa has dedicated her career to accelerating companies’ growth and innovation around the world. She spent a number of years serving clients as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company, and as a marketing strategist at Havas agency Arnold Worldwide. She next pursued a series of operational leadership roles within Bain, managing a number of major new business development and people programs across North America and EMEA. Larissa has experienced first-hand the virtuous linkages between delighted employees and delighted clients, helping keep Bain among the fastest growing consultancies and also ‘the best consulting firm to work for’ ranked globally each of the last 11 years.

She is now excited to be leveraging that experience to take on the growth and innovation mission of ‘next generation employee engagement.’ Based in Europe, Larissa will lead HuddleUp’s EMEA-based client relationships, in addition to broader operational elements from strategy to finance to HR to partnerships, in collaboration with the rest of this close knit team

Larissa has her BA from Harvard University and her MBA from INSEAD where she focused particularly on leadership behavior and entrepreneurship. She spends most of her free time on the water – sailing, scuba diving, and raising her twins with her husband on their houseboat on the Seine in Paris.

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Robert Crawford
Senior Developer and Behind-the-scenes Miracle Worker

Robert has had an interest in programming from a young age; starting off as a child with LogoWriter and moving on to more advanced languages. He graduated from St. Olaf College with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science, and went on to work for Goran in Boston.

After moving to Raleigh, Robert worked for a company that used the NPS system to track customer loyalty. When Goran was looking for someone to help improve the HuddleUp website experience, he gave Robert the chance to become part of the HuddleUp team. Robert now has 8 years of professional experience building websites, windows applications, and iPhone apps. He spends his days chasing bugs and ensuring that the website does everything that it is supposed to do.

In his spare time, Robert enjoys spending time with his wife, playing board games, and watching movies from his immense DVD collection.

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Sparqy the Penguin
HuddleUp Mascot

Sparqy was born on the day that huddles became a central theme in the HuddleUp process – that is to say, very early in the company’s development. We realized that of all the animals on this planet, penguins had the most to teach us about huddling. During the toughest times, in temperatures that often dip as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit, it is only by huddling that these brilliant birds are able to stay warm and survive. Indeed, penguins have an entire huddle system where no individual bird stays on the outside for too long, but where each one takes a turn protecting the rest of the flock, and then is reintegrated into the middle of the huddle. Much like with a team using HuddleUp, accountability for success and progress rests with the team members. As a result, Sparqy has felt at home with HuddleUp from the start.

Sparqy’s past experiences include a stint with the Linux flock, as well as a short-lived hockey career in Pittsburgh. In his spare time, he likes to go fishing, and has also been seriously considering taking flying lessons.